Available for men in the UK is Volume Pills

So, we're guessing you already know the power of what they can do. Perhaps you've bought them from the USA before but have had problems with customs or the dreaded import tax and VAT that they can add. If so, you can be assured that we have stock in the UK and ready to ship, there will be no extra charges and you can take advantage of our great discounts that we get for buying in bulk and pass onto you!

If you're new to them then read on; find out about the fantastic results men have been getting and then check out our current discounts, freebies and guarantees!

Medical Test Results Have Seen Increases of 500%

Yes, that is true! Men with low seminal output were given them to try for three months. Carefully measuring their seminal output gradually over the course of those 3 months saw a 500% increase in the amount of seminal fluid they were producing. Let us lay that down in text - FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT!

The natural ingredients are formulated to create a special blend that is designed to basically coax the body into producing more semen. It focuses on how the body produces semen and then boosts that function.

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So what are the benefits of using them?

  • Massive increase in semen output
  • Huge, mind blowing orgasms
  • Ejaculations and orgasm going hand in hand for 10 seconds
  • Ready for sex again straight after ejaculation
  • Have sex multiple times per night

These are the main ones, but the list is much longer!

It's not just the physical aspects that are boosted, but because your full of semen your body natural wants to ejaculate it and therefore you'll be more virile and up for sex much more often!

Your partner will be pleasantly surprised!

Intensify your orgasms!

Enjoy really intense orgams that seem to last for ages. How does that work? Well the automated effect of ejaculating semen as it passes through the penis creates a wonderful sensation but for only as long as the semen is passing through. If you have more of it passing through and for longer then your orgasms are going to be much intense, go for longer and be much mroe satisfying. The effect is similar to refraining from sexual intercourse or masturbation for several days, when you do finally ejaculate you will find that things are much more intense, there is more cum and you ejaculate for much longer.

It's really all very simple and the key ingredient that does all this? Zinc, a mineral that is abundant in the Earth around us is used by the body to produce seminal fluid. The more your body consumes of Zinc the more fluid it is able to produce. Basically they kickstart this reaction by giving the body all of the nutrients it needs to start, prolong and continue the process.

Happy Client Testimonials

The feeling before I cum starts right in the pit of my stomach, I love it!

After 7 days I felt really horny

I shoot loads over and over again, its brill!

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Our guarantee to you

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